Ashkelon Visor

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Ashkelon Visor
Ashkelonvisor 1.jpg
Category Smartglasses
Developer Ashkelon Eyewear Technologies LTD]
Announced November 2014 [1]
Released Developers:
Price 20 USD (2015)[2]
Operating system
Display none
Field of view
Weight g


Data available
Risk factor
Not Standalone

Ashkelon Visor is a head-mounted smartphone holder resembling a cap with the ability to display augmented reality. The device by itself does not have any displaying capabilities on its own, instead, Visor uses an adjustable see-through mirror that reflects the display of a smartphone housed inside the visor of the cap. The included smartphone application takes control of the smartphone's screen and changes it so it displays the virtual information just above the see-through mirror. The information is thus reflected into the user's eye, achieving augmented reality.

The device is currently not for sale. The company planned to secure funds for production via Kickstarter in January 2015. To this day, the campaign did not started while the company still promises to start one on their website.

Main Characteristics

Ashkelon Visor is, by itself, not an electronic device and thus does not have any technical specifications. The displaying capabilities are entirely dependent on the performance of the included smartphone. The patented see-through mirror the company calls Focusing Relay Unit is adjustable and contains a reflective concave lens that focuses the information from the smartphone into the eyes. Exact technical details of the adjustable mirror, however, are not available.

To use the Focusing Relay Unit, the user needs to install a custom Ashkelon app called Ashkelon.APP. The app decreases the size of the smartphone UI so it fits entirely into the area of the see-through mirror. The app also allows the user to control it by voice, gestures, and head movements.


Taken from the materials available on the developer's website the Ashkelon Visor "will allow the user to: accept calls, speak and hang up, see the caller ID pictures, dial and call out, compose and send an SMS, take a photograph, record a video, play music files, use search engines to find needed information and to view maps or GPS locators."[2]

Company & People

The developer of Ashkelon Visor is an Israeli start-up company Eyewear Technologies Ltd.[3] that was founded by Benny Goldstein in 2013 in Ashkelon, Israel.

Benny Goldstein - Chief Executive Officer. Inventor, entrepreneur, Israeli TV celebrity.

Important Dates

November 2014 - Ashkelon Eyewear announces Ashkelon Visor.[4]

Ethical & Risks

There are no ethical or health issues connected to this particular devices. For more information on issues connected with smartglasses, please see the Smartglasses synopsis.


Enhancement - The device is marketed as a communication, navigation, and entertainment device. The custom app does not appear to have any therapeutic features.

Public & Media Impact and Presentation

Ashkelon Visor did not receive great media attention. The announcement of the device was written by the CEO of the company himself.[4] Other media site that mentions Ashkelon Visor is gizmag tech magazine. The article briefly talks about Benny Goldstein's history as a celebrity and then summarises the technical aspects of the see-through mirror and the smartphone app. There are no reviews available, as the device is in a prototype stage so far.

Public Policy

There is no legislation related to this particular device. For more information about policies related to smartglasses, please see the Smartglasses synopsis.

Related Technologies, Projects, or Scientific Research

There are no notable projects or research related to this particular device.


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