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BuBBles 1.png
Category smartglasses
Developer BuBBles Lab.[1]
Announced April 2014
Released Cancelled
Price 200 USD (2015)[2]
Operating system unknown
Display unknown
Resolution unknown
Weight unknown
Controls unknown

BuBBles smartglasses are a project of Romanian start-up company BuBBles lab. Information about the device are limited. The company attempted an IndieGoGo campaign to secure funding for the project, but it was cancelled on 1 June 2014 with no update from the company. The campaign closed with no money raised at all. The official website of the project is no longer accessible.[4]

Main characteristics

There are no technical specifications available about the device. The above-mentioned IndieGoGo campaign description does not contain any details apart from the price and a quick mention about, most probably, perceived scale of the projected information that is "54 inches and we are striving to growth at 84 inches".[2]

The device


Company & People

Dragos Ghetu[5] - Founder of BuBBles Lab

Important Dates

Ethical Issues

Health Risks


Public & Media Impact and Presentation

Public Policy

Related Technologies, Projects or Scientific Research


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