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BuBBles 1.png
Category smartglasses
Developer BuBBles Lab.[1]
Announced April 2014
Released Cancelled
Price 200 USD (2015)[2]
Operating system unknown
Display unknown
Resolution unknown
Weight unknown
Controls unknown

BuBBles smartglasses are a project of Romanian start-up company BuBBles lab. Information about the device are limited. The company attempted an IndieGoGo campaign to secure funding for the project, but it was cancelled on 1 June 2014 with no update from the company. The campaign closed with no money raised at all. The official website of the project is no longer accessible.[4]

Main characteristics

There are no technical specifications available about the device. The above-mentioned IndieGoGo campaign description does not contain any details apart from the price and a quick mention about, most probably, perceived scale of the virtual screen that is "54 inches and we are striving to growth at 84 inches".[2] It features stereo sound and a micro SD card slot.


The device is marketed as an all-purpose smartglasses. It is meant to be used for entertainment, sport, socializing and recording. BuBBles Lab specifically mentions the abitlity to remotely control other devices.

Company & People

Dragos Ghetu[5] - Founder of BuBBles Lab

Important Dates

  • Q1 2014 - IndieGoGo campaign started.

Ethical & Health Risks

There are no ethical or health issues connected to this particular devices. For more general issues connected with smartglasses, please see the Smartglasses synopsis.


Enhancement - the device is clearly marketed as a form of enhancement by providing augmented reality entertainment, helping at a work place, or working as a hands-free camera.

Public & Media Impact and Presentation

The media coverage about BuBBles is extremely small. There is only one mention of the device at the Glass App Source magazine website. The news piece laments the lack of technical details and also mentions the overlooked IndieGoGo campaign.[1]

Public Policy

Related Technologies, Projects or Scientific Research


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