Ashkelon Glance

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Ashkelon Glance
Ashkelonglance 1.jpg
Category Smartglasses
Developer Ashkelon Eyewear Technologies LTD
Announced 20 January 2015
Released Developers:
Price 100 USD [1]
Operating system
Field of view
Weight g

voice, gestural, inertial

Data available
Risk factor
Not Standalone!g/c20oi

Ashkelon Glance is a head-mounted display from the Israeli company Ashkelon Eyewear Technologies Ltd. It projects virtual information on a small mirror located in front and slightly below of the user's eyes. Unlike the previous product of the company, Ashkelon Visor, this device projects the image by the build-in LCD screen located in the arc of the glass frame. It does not have any processing capabilities on it's own and has to be connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth. It is not clear whether connection via cable is also available or not.

A Kickstarter campaign was planned to start in May 2015.[1]

Main Characteristics

The device resembles regular glasses but it has a display built into the top of the frame. The mirror then sits at a distance "just right for maximum comfort." The rest of the available technical information is, however, limited as the company did not provide any. The resolution of the display, for example, is not specified.


Ashkelon Glance's main purpose is communication. The small display is used to display notifications from the connected smartphone. The company materials promote easy access to information while not being overwhelmed in "a world overflowing with new gadgets and excess information."[1]

Company & People

Israeli start-up company Eyewear Technologies Ltd.[2] founded by Benny Goldstein in 2013 in Ashkelon, Israel.

Benny Goldstein - Chief Executive Officer. Inventor, entrepreneur, Israeli TV celebrity.

Important Dates

20 January 2015 - Ashkelon Glance announced[1]

Ethical & Risks

There are no ethical or health issues connected to this particular devices. For more information on issues connected with smartglasses, please see the Smartglasses synopsis.


Enhancement - The device serves a role of a notification device.

Public & Media Impact and Presentation

The device is currently in a prototype stage and thus there are no reviews available yet. The only available English article comes from the developers themselves. It talks about the need to have an unobtrusive device in an age of information overflow. Then, it repeats the same information that is available on the official website.[1]

Public Policy

There is no legislation related to this particular device. For more information about policies related to smartglasses, please see the Smartglasses synopsis.

Related Technologies, Projects, or Scientific Research

There are no notable projects or research related to this particular device.


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