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Hi all, could you please advise on how to categorize therapeutic wearable in this current hierarchy of "wearables"? In the infobox on my pages about Cefaly and Quell I have assigned to these two devices category "therapeutic wearables", but I'm doubting now if it's relevant as Hardwere here is classified more by way of wearing not by function.

  • The category wearables is comprised of sub-categories that explain the position of a particular device on the user's body. In the case of Quell and Cefaly, you need to consider the place a user will put them should they want to use the device. I'd say Quell is Body-mounted (or perhaps just Limb-mounted if it attaches to arms and legs only) and Cefaly Other Head-mounted Devices. --Haustein (talk) 13:09, 13 November 2015 (CET)