Chrono Solution

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Chrono Solution
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Category Torso-mounted
Developer Chrono Therapeutics Inc. [1]
Announced July 2014 [2]
Released Developers:
Consumers: (unreleased)
Price USD (unreleased)
Operating system none


Weight g (not disclosed)

button, mobile app

Data available limited
Risk factor moderate

Chrono Solution is a trans-dermal drug administration device which aim is to help smokers quit the habit by automatically administering a small dose of nicotine. The accompanying mobile app helps to track the withdrawal symptoms and offers help to minimize the discomfort.[3] The device is set to be available to consumers in 2016/2017.

The device was formerly known as SmartStop.[4]

Main Characteristics

An artist's impression of a man using the device.

Chrono Solution is a smart, dermal patch for long-term nicotine delivery. While the exact dimensions and weight of the device is unknown, we assume the device will be small and light enough to be comfortable to wear for a prolonged period of time. The device consists of two part: a reusable control unit that controls the nicotine administration over the course of the time period, and a disposable nicotine cartridge that holds the 24-hour supply of the drug with an adhesive patch on the bottom.

The device is paired with a smartphone app that set the appropriate time of drug delivery. Chrono Solution is designed to deliver the nicotine before the user experiences any withdrawal symptoms, e.g. just before they wake up.[5]

There is a small button on the patch that the user can use to log the time they feel any withdrawal symptoms. This allows them to analyse when and how often these symptoms occur in the smartphone app where it is displayed in the form of a graph. This statistics should help the user to understand what is causing the unwanted withdrawal symptoms. In the case the user pushes the 'log a craving' button, the smartphone app also offers a coughing support through motivational messages.[6]

The company claims that:

"Chrono's coaching application supports users through the entire quit process. Via 'just-in-time' coaching when cravings occur, proactive medication reminders, and detailed trend data, the app guides smokers to develop and practice simple and effective skills to overcome their addiction and quit for good."


The purpose of the device is to help smokers with quitting the unwanted habit of smoking via controlled trans-dermal administration of nicotine while helping them deal with withdrawal symptoms and associated discomfort through individually timed drug delivery times and coaching.[7]

Company & People

The device is being developed by a privately held company Chrono Therapeutics Inc. The company is based in California, United States and was founded in 2003.[8]

Important Dates

July 2014 - Chrono Therapeutics announces the device.

2016/2017 - Efficacy studies planned.

The company has no specific release date for the device yet.


Therapy - Chrono Solution helps former smokers to overcome the withdrawal symptoms when quitting smoking.

Ethical & Health Issues

There are no ethical or health issues connected to this particular device.

For more general issues connected with smartglasses, please see the Body-worn Wearables synopsis.

Public & Media Impact and Presentation

There are no practical reviews of the device yet, however articles describing the device.

MDDI Online commend the developer fro taking the established approach of a nicotine patch a step further. The article then describes the history of the company and how they received the necessary funding. It also mentions two small clinical trials that showed the nicotine delivery works as intended.[9] The article on Drug Store News informs about the announcement of the device and a clinical trial that showed "significant reduction in nicotine cravings."[10] Digital Health Age again mentions the statistically significant results of the small clinical trial that measured the effectiveness of the drug delivery. It describes the clinical trial in detail (see below for the description).[11]

Public Policy

There is no policy regarding this particular device. However, policies relevant to Body-worn Wearables may apply to this device too.

Related Technologies, Projects, or Scientific Research

Chrono Therapeutics conducted a 12 participants (each with a high level of nicotine dependence) clinical trial to assess the effectiveness of the device. The results showed, that, when compared to the placebo group, the smokers group displayed statistically significant reduction in withdrawal symptoms.[11][12]

A recent study from Switzerland tested the effectiveness of this type of nicotine delivery too. Usign a prototype of Chrono Solution from 2006, the study on 12 heavy smoking males concluded that this solution is indeed feasible and that it can only be improved via further personalization of the times of the nicotine delivery.[13]

For more information about this type of devices, please see the Body-worn Wearables synopsis.