Daqri Smart Helmet

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Daqri Smart Helmet
Daqrismarthelmet 01.jpg
Category Head Mounted Devices
Developer Daqri LLC [1]
Announced March 2015 [2][3]
Released Developers:
Consumers: 2016 [4]
Price USD (unknown)
Operating system (unspecified)
Display (unspecified)
Resolution (unspecified)
Field of view (unspecified)
Weight g (unspecified)

N/A (unspecified)

Data available Limited
Risk factor Low

Daqri smart helmet is a head-mounted wearable safety helmet with several built-in technologies such as see-through augmented reality display, video and thermal cameras, headphones, microphone, wireless and USB connectivity, infra-red sensors and more. The device is meant to be used daily in an industrial setting to help workers see data about the processes taking place, get insight into how the machine operates via the infra-red cameras, or get help remotely by sharing their point of view.[5]

Main Characteristics

The company does not share much about the specific technical details of the device, but we have gathered some information from various sources. Daqri Smart Helmet is a ANSI-accredited[6] hard helmet made of aluminium and carbon fibre composite. The central processing unit is powered by an Intel 6th generation Core M7 CPU.[7] The face shield containing the display is motorized, and retractable.[8]

The helmet is quipped with a 13 MPx camera, FLIR thermal camera that can overlay it's output onto the augmented reality display in real time, and an infra-red laser projector and camera. These three sensors combine into Intel RealSense R200[9] technology that allows the device to infer depth from the tracked environment. These sensors are present on the front, as well as on the back of the device. Two inertial measurement units are also present.

The information is conveyed to the user via the "4D Photonic Display System", an augmented reality see-through display with Daqri's patented lenses. The company does not provide and detailed technical characteristics of the display. Communication is satisfied with 4 microphones and an audio connector for headphones. The device also comes with a custom docking station and a software development kit that is already available to download.[10][11]



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