Daydream VR

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Daydream VR
Category Virtual Reality Devices
Developer Google Inc. [1]
Announced May 2016 [2]
Released Developers: (unknown)
Consumers: 2016 (Autumn)
Price USD (expected around 100 USD)[3]
Operating system none (supports Android OS)
Display none
Resolution none (depends on the used smartphone)
Field of view (unknown)
Weight g (unknown)

N/A (unknown)

Data available Limited
Risk factor Low
Not Standalone

Daydream VR is Google's upcoming virtual reality platform that was unveiled at the Google I/O conference in May 2016.[4] Not much is known about the system as of August 2016 and Google plans to officially release the system in the Autumn of 2016 together with the new version of Android OS the Android N.[5]

Main Characteristics

There is no information about the specifications of the device as of August 2016. Yet we can infer some detail from already available information. Similarly to Google Cardboard or Samsug Gear VR, Daydream will not be a standalone virtual reality device but will function as a smartphone holder for the new generation of smartphones with Android N. It is not clear, however, whether Daydream VR will be compatible with older devices upgraded to that Android version as well.


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