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eSight Glasses
Esight 01.jpg
Category Smartglasses
Developer eSight Corporation [1]
Announced 2012 [2]
Released Developers:
Consumers: October 2013 [2][3]
Price 15000 USD [4][5]
Operating system none
Display OLED [6]
Resolution (unknown)
Field of view (unknown)
Weight g (unknown)

buttons [6]

Data available Limited
Risk factor Low

eSigh Glasses are a wearable display and a camera that help people with heavily impaired vision to see better again. This is achieved by recording what the user is facing, enhancing the recorded image by customizable parameters such as zoom or contrast, and finally displaying the image onto the two LED displays facing the user's eyes. The device can help users diagnosed with macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, stargardt’s disease, and other low vision conditions. The device is registered with the United States FDA.

Main Characteristics

The device consists of a camera, processing unit with controls, and two OLED displays. The glasses-like headset comprises of the camera and the displays, while the controlling unit is separate but connected by cable. The device captures the scene with the camera and sends the video to the processing unit which in turn sends the video to the two user-facing displays in the headset. By default, the device displays the scene as is, but the produced image can be altered by the user by manipulating the controls on the processing unit. The user can zoom, and alter the contrast and colours. To help the users to focus on the OLED displays in close proximity, the device is also fitted with prescription lenses.

Unfortunately other technical details such as resolution or field of vies were not explicitly specified by the manufacturer, nor are to be found in secondary sources.


eSight Glasses are meant to return better sight to visually impaired users.

Company & People

The device is manufactured by a Canadian company eSight Corporation. The company is based in Toronto and Ottawa and was founded in 2007.[7]

  • Kevin Rankin - Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
  • Conrad Lewis - Founder, Principal, Director and Member of the Board of Advisors
  • Patrick R. Beirne - Chief Technology Officer and Member of the Board of Advisors

Important Dates


Enhancement. - eSight glasses enhance the scene the user is observing by graphically manipulating the picture. The user can thus enhance what they see to better clarity and their liking.

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