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This page serves as a template for creating news entries. If you are new here and want to learn how to get started contributing, please see the Getting started on HCE wiki page.

To get started, copy the source code below to your new article, and follow the guidelines in the HTML comments--the text between the <!-- --> tags. For even more information on general wiki formatting, please see: https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Help:Contents

It is entirely possible that you will not use every section of the template, and that is perfectly okay. In such cases, just delete the empty sections: do not leave them empty.

If you wish to learn about the semantic wiki formatting this database uses, see the guide on semantic wiki formatting.

Do not forget to put the article under correct categories! For a list of categories, please see the Wiki Structure.

Add an infobox if you are creating a new article from scratch. For available infobox templates, please refer to Category:Templates.

<!-- Very brief description of the technology. This section should contain the main information about the subject. It's good to leave this bit for last one and use the information provided in greater detail in later sections.-->

== Main Characteristics ==
<!-- This section should describe the technology in more detail. Information about the used hardware and software, available features, chemical composition and so on, should be inputted here, provided that they are available. The second half of this section should offer information on the history of the technology (e.g., when it was created, unveiled, developed, announced to the public, or when it was available to purchase). Anything related to the technology that can be pinpointed to a certain date should be in this section along with a  relevant commentary.-->

=== Purpose ===
<!-- This is a very short description of the technology's purpose. What will it be doing? What goal was it created for? How does it modify human cognition? Keep this as brief as possible. -->

=== Company & People ===
<!-- This is a list of important people behind the technology. Note: It is not necessary to list absolutely everyone. -->
== Important Dates ==
<!-- A list of important dates regarding the development and history of the technology. Use the information provided in the second half of the main characteristics section and make it into a short, unnumbered list. -->

== Enhancement/Therapy/Treatment ==
<!-- Describe in detail whether the technology aims to enhance human cognition (i.e. to improve human abilities beyond what is considered normal) and/or if it is also applicable as a form of treatment or therapy (i.e. it can serve to cure patients or restore abilities that do not perform as they would in a healthy person). -->

== Ethical & Health Issues ==
<!-- Provide detailed information (if possible or if available) about any ethical risks and related ethical topics and also related health issues, be it already discovered and covered in literature or just speculative ones. Make sure to properly cite any information as needed in this section. -->

== Public & Media Impact and Presentation ==
<!-- Provide information about the impact the technology had on the public and how the technology is presented in the media or literature. If there was anything in the news regarding this technology, it should be noted and properly cited here. -->

== Public Policy ==
<!-- Information related to any regulations (law, patents, ISOs, government recommendations, etc.) -->

== Related Technologies, Projects, or Scientific Research ==
<!-- If there is any scientific research conducted or being conducted that is closely connected to this technology, it should be properly cited here. -->

== References ==

<!-- Put the technology under any of the relevant categories. If you are not sure what categories we use, please see the Knowledge Base Structure. Example for smartglasses: 
[[Category:Head Mounted Displays]]

Infobox Template

An infobox is a small table on the top-right side of an article that contains available technical information (e.g. resolution, price, manufacturer, etc.) about a particular device or technology. It will also feature a short summary of the completeness of the article as well as information on the availability of the technology and whether there are any issues connected to it. All the data are also semantically annotated for semantic search and categorisation. For more about semantic annotations, please see the Semantic wiki formatting guide.

It is always good to present concise hard data in a more readable format: this is why infoboxes exist. To get started with infoboxes, use the templates from the list provided below.

Place the available information inside the proper semantic links. For example, the [[Developed by::]] link can be set by typing [[Developed by::Microsoft]]. You can chain multiple links after each other like so: [[Developed by::Microsoft]], [[Developed by::Starbreeze]], . For the list of semantic links and how to correctly fill them in, refer to the Semantic wiki formatting guide.