Evena Eyes-On

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Evena Eyes-On
Evenaeyeson 01.png
Category Smartglasses
Developer Evena Medical [1][2]
Announced 2014 [3]
Released Developers:
Consumers: November 2015 [4][5]
Price USD (unspecified)[6]
Operating system Android (version unknown)
Display LCOS
Resolution 960 x 540 pixels
Field of view 2323 °
Weight 311 g (approximate)

buttons, trackpad

Data available Limited
Risk factor Low

Evena Eyes-On are smartglasses for physicians and nurses. The device is equipped with several sensors that help the user to see the veins on a patient. The resulting image is overlaid in real time onto the built-in displays. This makes it easier for physicians to administer intravenous therapy.

The device has been chosen "Best Medical Technologies of 2015" by the Medgadget magazine.[7]

Main Characteristics

The image output of the device.

The device is built on top of Epson Moverio BT-100 wearable display and while Evena does not give any technical details but we can find this information at the Epson's product information page. The device is built around two LCoS projector-based 24-bit colour displays with combined resolution of 960 x 540 pixels and a horizontal field of view of 23 degrees. The device runs the Android operating system of unspecified version. Though the Epson product page lists the operating system as Android 2.1. The device features Wi-Fi, 3G, USB, and Bluetooth for connectivity, and can connect to other electric medical record systems. It also has two audio speakers.

The Evena additions include a set of specialized sensors: two multi-spectral imaging cameras paired with two multi-spectral lighting system for subcutaneous vein detection and localization. The image outputted by the cameras are overlaid in real time onto the display of the glasses. The user can then easily see the location of blood vessels on the patients and precisely conduct intravenous therapy. The device can be also connected to Evona's DeepVu ultrasound system for imaging deeper veins.

The control, and most likely the processing unit, are separate from the device and are connected to the displaying part via a cable. The same applies for the battery pack. The device is controlled via buttons or a trackpad present on the control unit. The battery is 700 mA.[8][9]


A woman with the device on.

The device allows physicians to better locate blood vessels on a patient and precisely conduct intravenous therapy.

Company & People

The device is developed by an American medical equipment company Evena Medical. The company is based in Roseville, California and was founded in 2010.[10][11]

  • Frank Ball - Chief executive officer
  • David Gruebele - Chief financial office
  • Ignacio Cespedes - Chief operations officer
  • Mel Harris - Chief marketing officer

Important Dates



Enhancement - Evena Eyes-On enhances the ability to see blood vessels on a patient.

Ethical & Health Issues

Public & Media Impact and Presentation

As of July 2016, there are no hands-on reviews available. The popular technology magazine do give attention to the device but only mentions the same information that is available on the Evona official website.[12][13][14]

Public Policy

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