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Category Torso-mounted
Developer Veari [1]
Announced 26 November 2014 [2]
Released Developers: 15 June 2015 (Kickstarter shipment)[3]
Consumers: (unreleased)
Price 69 USD (lowest Kickstarter price)
Operating system none

accelerometer, gyroscope

Weight g (unspecified)


Data available Limited
Risk factor Low
Not Standalone (unavailable)
Fineck as worn on the back of the neck

Fineck is an electronic neck sensor that track the user's posture and activity and warn him if they are bad for their health. It features a companion smartphone app, that tracks the user's posture and display the data in a chart. The app can also help the user exercise their neck muscles or play games that are controlled by the Fineck sensor.

There is no information about the device being available to purchase. The official website is unreachable. We safely assume that the project was abandoned.

We can get a glimpse at an archived version of the official website thanks to the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine.[4] However, Finect Facebook page appears to be still active, although no new official updates were posted since July 2015.[5]

Main Characteristics

Contents of the Fineck package

Fineck is a small wearable sensor that the user straps around their neck. The sensor chassis is made out of titanium and the strap out of medical-grade silicone rubber. The sensor contains an accelerometer and gyroscope with which is tracts the movement of the user, namely the position of their upper body and posture. These data are then sent wireless to a connected iOS device via Bluetooth LE connection. Android support is planned to be released in the future. The device is equipped with a lithium-polymer battery that should last up to 7 days.[6]

The provided app records and interprets the data and informs the user about their health regarding their body posture. It alarms the user should they be in an unhealthy posture for too long and it may also offer a short exercise to relieve any neck or shoulder muscle strain.[2]


Fineck smartphone app

The purpose of Fineck is to make the user aware of and improve their posture and improve their health with exercise.

Company & People

Finect is developed by a Chinese company Veari. The company is based in Beijin, China. The company was founded in 2009.[1]

  • Shen Di - designer
  • Mike Liu - electronics and embedded systems engineer
  • Richy Yuan - product designer
  • Chiu Ching-Hua - Sport biomechanics doctor

Important Dates

  • 26 November 2014 - Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign started.[2]
  • 6 January 2015 - The crowdfunding campaign reached its financial goal.[7]
  • 16 July 2015 - The most recent update statement from the developer.[8]


Fineck enhances the user with the ability to analyse their posture and prevent muscle strain and back pain.

Ethical & Health Issues

We found no ethical or health issues that are relevant to this particular device.

Public & Media Impact and Presentation

There are great number of articles informing about the Fineck Kickstarter campaign but only a handful of actual reviews or user experiences. The summary of those we were able to retrieve follows below.

A review on Kicksmarter describes the device in great detail. The author likes the idea of a wearable that improves one's posture and is generally excited by the device. He wondered whether the device's appearance will be likeable to everyone the same because the design looked more feminine to him. The author wrote, that he noticed his posture getting better after one day of using the device. He would recommend the device to anyone who wishes to exercise their neck and back or to improve their health by improving their posture.[9]

Several technology websites informed about the Kickstarter campaign.[10][11][12] Following sites provided further assessment too. Coolest Gadgets stated that Fineck "looks surprisingly stylish".[13] Gadget Flow wrote that Fineck is "a unique wearable because it doesn’t cram average features into a small device".[14] Digital Trends noted that the Kickstarter campaign description of Fineck does not mention further details about the device.[15] Tech Node focuses on the appearance of the device, stating that the "geeky side" of Fineck may be offputing to potential, style-conscious users.[16]

Several users on the Kickstarter campaign page and the Facebook page call for explanation on why they have not yet received the device they funded. Some even call the device to be a scam. These comments are a majority and they have not received any statement from the developer.[17][18]

Public Policy

We noted no public policy that is relevant to this particular device.

Related Technologies, Projects, or Scientific Research

We found no related projects or research connected to this device in particular.


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