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Meta Pro
MetaPro 1.jpg
Category Smartglasses
Developer Meta Company
Announced December 2013 [1]
Released Developers: 2013
Price 3000 USD [1]
Operating system Windows (Unity 3D)
Display projector
Resolution 1280x720 pixels (per eye)[1]
Field of view
Weight g (unknown)

gestural, inertial, positional tracking

Data available
Risk factor

Meta Pro glasses are designed as a pair of large aviator-style sunglasses with a wire connecting them to a computer. The eyewear is a pair of stereoscopic glasses with holographic transparent displays, which offer an immersive augmented reality environment, merging physical spaces with virtual objects. Gestural manipulation of virtual objects makes them a natural user interface (NUI). It also allows the the manipulation of objects by multiple users and not only by the wearer. Sculpted holographic objects care be sent to a 3D printer via ZeroUI software.[2] Apart from 3D sculpting, the device can be used for gaming and web browsing on panels of information floating in physical space.

MetaPro features
MetaPro features.

Main Characteristics

Two 1,280x720-pixel LCD displays with a 40-degree field of view each; two RGB cameras; surround sound; a 3-D depth sensor; and a nine-axis integrated motion unit with accelerometer, gyroscope, and compass.[3] Meta plans to design a pocket computer for the glasses, which will include an Intel i5 CPU, 4GB of RAM, 128GB of storage, Wi-Fi 802.11n, Bluetooth 4.0, and 32WHr battery.[4]


Frontal view at MetaPro
Frontal view at MetaPro.

Company & People

Meta is a startup company founded by Meron Gribetz, who was in an elite technological unit in the Israel Defense Forces, after which he studied computer science and neuroscience at Columbia University. The company is located at Portola Valley, California. It has 65 employees, most of whom also live on the company’s estate.[5]

Meta Founders and Advisors: Meron Gribetz, CEO; Ben Sand, COO; Raymond Lo, CTO; Prof. Steve Mann, Chief Scientist; Prof. Steven Feiner, Lead Advisor; Jayse Hansen, Creative Director.

Important Dates

  • The release date is currently unknown. (as of July 2015)

Ethical Issues

Health Risks


A man with MetaPro
A man with MetaPro.

Public & Media Impact and Presentation

Meta Pro has received highly positive reviews and is praised as a the Iron Man interface becoming reality, having all the devices in one wearable device. It is also seen as the future of augmented reality. The expectations from Meta Pro are high, especially given the fact that Professor Steve Mann and Professor Steven Fein are on Meta’s team, as well as Jayse Hansen, the creator of the 3D UIs for the Iron Man 1 and 3 other films.[6]

Public Policy

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