Risk Factor

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This category attempts to describe possible hazard the technology or device in question may pose to individuals or humanity, be it health or economy or anything similar. It is highly dependent on the amount of information about the device. Very well researched technology can be deemed harmful or not with great certainty, but otherwise safely looking device (thanks to lack of research or lack of available information) can be hazardous.

Low - The available research or technical details suggest that there is little to no risk in using the device or technology.

Moderate - The available information suggest that the technology or device can have a negative impact. Although, to be truly certain, more research is still needed.

High - The relevant research and/or available information clearly deem the technology or the device in question harmful and having a negative impact on human individuals or society.

Unknown - The technology has very limited information available about it, thus the risk factor can not be decided with certainty.