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Samsung Glass
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Category Smartglasses
Developer Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Announced January 2014 [1]
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Rumours about Samsung releasing smart glasses started circulating the Web in the end of 2013, when the company filed the first patent for smart glasses with the Korean Intellectual Property Rights Information Service. The device would be connected to a smartphone and show alerts on a translucent display.[1] The device has been tentatively named “Galaxy Glass”,[2][3] “Galaxy Gear Glass”,[4][5] and “Samsung Gear Blink”.[6][7]

The first filed patent shows a pair of Galaxy Glass similar to Google Glass. In May 2014, images of a different patent for Gear Glass were presented in the media. The device is an ear piece with a display: “The Gear Glass appears to combine a single-ear headset with an arm that stretches out toward the front of your face with a display that sits in front of your eye.”[3] It also includes a patent for a virtual keyboard projected onto a user's fingers. Additionally, Samsung has filed an application for trademarking a product name “Gear Blink”, which is speculated to be a competitor of Google Glass.[6] Since mid 2014, no updates have been available on the device up until recently, when another Samsung’s glasses patent was revealed. It shows a changeable glasses that can be controlled manually or via a smartphone to lighten or darken the lenses. According to the Android Headlines[8], the device cannot count as smart glasses at all. However, the information on the patent is incomplete. Until the company releases its smart eyewear and its technical specifications, all currently available information is mere speculation.

Main Characteristics

The device will run on Samsung’s Tizen OS like its Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo smart watches.[9] No other technical specifications are available yet.


Company & People


Important Dates

  • The release date is unknown.

The Korea Times article stated that the company’s goal was to launch the product at 2014 IFA fair in Berlin at the earliest.[1] Based on this information, a number of relevant tech sources reported on Samsung Glass release. However, the Glass was not revealed at IFA 2014 and no further updates on release dates have been available since.

Ethical Issues

Health Risks


Public & Media Impact and Presentation

The device is discussed with a lot of hype in the media considering that it is a speculative technology and Samsung has only filed the patents. Most commonly, the device is seen as Google Glass competitor.

Public Policy

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