Senth IN1

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Senth IN1
Senthin1 1.png
Category smartglasses
Developer Insenth [1]
Announced July 2015 [2]
Released Developers:
Consumers: December 2015 ][3]
Price 250 USD [3] (Price for IndieGoGo backers)
Operating system Insenth OS (Android 4.3 based)
Display prism projector
Resolution unknown
Field of view full (display is see-through)
Weight 45 g

controller, voice, inertial, touchpad

Data available good
Risk factor low

Senth IN1 are augmented reality smart glasses being developed by a Chinese company Insenth. They were fist announced through the company's IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign to secure the finance to develop and test the first prototypes of the device. The glasses are designed for cyclists and come with a cadence sensor that attaches to the bicycle frame and a wireless controller that attaches to handlebars so the user can control the device without lifting their hands from them. Senth IN1 offers a variety of functions that should be useful for cyclists, such as cadence meter, GPS-based location and navigation, slope information, hand-free access to phone functions, camera, and music player. The users can also access Interned through built-in Wi-Fi.

The IndieGoGo campaign ended successfully on 5 September 2015, with 119% of the project funded.[3]

The company planned to ship the first prototypes to early backers in December 2015 but ran into problems with the electronic board design. This postponed the launch of the device to January 2016.[4]

TODO: Insenth YT channel

Main Characteristics

The device uses a prism projector display positioned to the right-top corner of the user's vision. The developer does not indicate the resolution of the display. It uses a "high-end" dual core 1.2 GHz CPU, 1 GB RAM, and has a Li-Po battery that should last 5 hours of intensive usage. The exact battery capacity is not indicated. The device uses Wi-Fi, USB 2.0, and Bluetooth 4.0, and ANT+ for connectivity. It has the following sensors: GPS, gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer, barometric altimeter, and ambient light sensor. It has a 8 MPx camera that can record video in 720 pixels resolution. The device also feature a microphone and a small, cable-attached speaker.

The included wireless controller is equipped with Bluetooth. It is water resistant and it's battery should last for approximately a month of usage.

The device is waterproof and shock-resistant.


Senth IN1 are augmented reality waterproof and not obstructive cycling glasses. They offer activity tracking, navigation, and access to context-relevant data hands-free.

Company & People

Insenth is a augmented reality electronics start-up based in Beijing, China. The company develops AR solutions since 2012.

  • Jinwen - founder
  • Mingyue - algorithm engineer
  • Long Xiao - hardware engineer
  • Xu Li - designer
  • Lei Xiao - optical engineer
  • Wenting - art designer

Important Dates

September 2012 - Created the concept of the device. January 2014 - Insenth developes their first prototype of the device. July 2015 - IndieGoGo campaign started. December 2015 - Planned release date of the device.


Enhancement - the device offers hands-free access to digital information.

Ethical & Health Issues

There are no ethical nor health issues relevant to this specific device.

For more general issues connected with smartglasses, please see the Smartglasses synopsis.

Public & Media Impact and Presentation

Public Policy

There is no public policy that considers this device specifically.

For more information about policies related to smartglasses, please see the Smartglasses synopsis.

Related Technologies, Projects, or Scientific Research

The developer mentions no related projects or scientific research.