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The Transmits to category in the infobox is unnecessary. Please only use the infobox categories provided in the infobox template. Do not create your own. Same goes for some other additional categories in your infobox. If you wish to expand the device article by this data, do so in the Main characteristics section instead.

Your article has no categories attached! Take a look at other articles on this wiki, view their source or click edit (top right part of the screen), and scroll down until you see the categories tag.

There are no references throughout the entire article. You regularly mention collaboration agreements, FDA approval, availability, materials health assessments, dates etc. All these information need to be properly referenced.

The people part of the Company & People section is missing. Important dates section needs to have references added. Public policy section is empty. FDA approval and similar fall into this section.

You have trailing empty lines after some paragraphs. Check the code of the page for any additional empty lines that may cause this and remove them.

The Media impact section contains information that is better to be added under the Important dates section instead. Additionally, the Media impact section is awfully empty.

Pay attention to the wording of some of your phrases. Expressions such as All data is merged into a single sensor. do not make much sense. There are some minor grammatical mistakes here and there, mainly genitive, but otherwise your English is pretty good.

--Haustein (talk) 10:33, 13 November 2015 (CET)

There is not a single reference!

The category in the infobox is incorrect. It should reflect the lowest level category from the category on the entire entry, i.e. torso-mounted.

The infobox is missing references.

The announcement date is not precise. Add a month of the year it was released at least.

Add a date you found out the price. Currency and prices change over time, it is important there be a date indicated.

Type of connection is not a valid infobox item.

Sensors field in the infobox is empty.

Is Valedo really standalone? I though you needed a smartphone to read the data from it?

The Public and Media impact section could use a bit more information added.

Public Policy + Related Technologies sections are empty. If there is nothing to day about these topics, then state that in the sections, do not leave them empty.--Haustein (talk) 20:08, 12 December 2015 (CET)