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Product stam en.jpg
Category wearables
Developer Hocoma
Announced 2010
Released Developers:
Price 299 USD
Operating system
Type of connection Wireless Bluetooth Smart Technology
Transmits to iPad, iPad mini, Android
Weight 250 g
Standalone/Not standalone[1]

Valedo is wearable sensor based medical device for functional movement therapy developed by the Swiss medical company Hocoma. The Valedo device consist of two wireless movement sensors, which capture and monitor the body movement in 3D. The two sensors are attached to the chest and lower back and connect to the computer, tablet or phone via Bluetooth technology. After downloading the software patients enter a virtual world and can direct their avatar through interactive landscapes by performing specific movements incorporated into numerous motivational therapeutic exercises. All movements and exercises target one or a combination of therapeutic goals which are based on proven and certified back treatment programs.

Main characteristics

The Valedo keeps track of the development and progress of the pacients training and presents it in an easy-to-report. All information about movement quality and performance is recordered in the report, which enable insight into the quality and quantity of the training.


Company & People

Important Dates

Ethical Issues

Health Risks

All Hocoma devices are medical devices and must be used in strict adherence to the User Manual. Failure to do so may result in serious personal injury.Valedo is marketed for home use and must be strictly used according to the reccomendations of medical provider who is knowledgeable about users specific needs.


Public & Media Impact and Presentation

Public Policy

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  1. Shows if the device is a standalone wearable computer or if it needs to be connected to a processing unit to function.