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When filling in values in the infobox, take care not to combine multiple items into one value. [[Has sensors::Brain Waves Senzor; Bio-Senzor]] is not understood as two sensors, but rather one that is strangely called "Brain Waves Senzor; Bio-Senzor". You need to use the semantic property Has sensors:: multiple time, once for each values you wish to add. Please refer to the Guide Semantic_wiki_formatting#Dealing_with_multiple_values for more information on how to fix it.

You have unclosed tag throughout the infobox, find it, and either remove it or close it properly. Same goes for the list under the Company & People section. The <ul> tag is a pair tag, it always exists in two. It needs to be opened and closed. Look at the other tags on how they are close. This will fixed the wrong indentation of the second half of your entire article as well by the way. Operating system value in the infobox needlessly goes into too much detail. Putting just iOS there is sufficient. Expand on the company's custom operating system in the Main characteristics section if you wish to do so. The very first paragraph is awfully short, I am sure you can expand on it a bit. The Main characteristics section needs more references. You mention previous projects and conferences, this type of information especially needs to have references added. The purpose of the device surely is not to only monitor human emotion, seeing as it takes pictures as well based on that. Important dates section is empty and so is the relevant projects. You mentioned past projects and conferences relevant to the the company in the Main characteristics section. Why not here? In the Health risks section you say that there are discussions focused on something. Please, expand on this further, and add relevant references as well. The Media impact and presentation section is empty. --Haustein (talk) 09:33, 13 November 2015 (CET)

Infobox Category is incorrect. It should reflect the lowest level category of the entry, i.e. Other head-mounted.

Infobox is missing any references.

There are numerous grammatical and stylistic errors throughout the entire entry.

The third paragraph under Purpose is perhaps better suited to be under the Enhancement/Therapy/Treatment section.

There is no info about the company in the Company & People section.

Dates in the Important Dates section need references added.

Refrain from using second person narrative ("our area of interests").

You have stated that "The introduction of Neurocam on Human Sensing 2013 caught the attention mainly between fans of new technologies" but there is no information as to what the reaction of the fans was.

The picture of Necomimi is causing the references to be squished to the side. Move the picture a bit higher to clear the space for the references list, please.--Haustein (talk) 20:47, 12 December 2015 (CET)